Background Noise Treatment in Encinitas CA

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Background Noise Treatment in Encinitas, CA

Enjoy Clear Hearing in All Environments

At Coastal Hearing Aid Center, we understand the impact hearing loss can have on all areas of your life. Many people who experience even mild hearing loss have difficulty hearing when background noise is present. Daily activities such as phone conversations, watching television, and even going out to dinner with friends and family can be frustrating when you can’t hear clearly. Our team is proud to offer the latest testing and devices to assist in background noise treatment in Encinitas, CA. We can help you get back to enjoying the activities you love.

Sound Field Verification

Our hearing specialist uses sound field verification to test your hearing and the equipment efficacy in competing background noise. We test at 80dB avg, which is the most common background noise vs 90dB avg, which is the most difficult background situation. We will use the results of this test to determine the best devices for your specific hearing needs.

Advanced Devices

Our devices offer many benefits and will help you hear more clearly, even when background noise is present:

  • Enhanced Clarity – to help fill in the missing speech details
  • Noise-Cancellation Features – to help filter speech in noisy environments
  • Soft-Speech Booster – to help you hear the ‘soft-speakers’ in your life (e.g., children and grandchildren, your spouse, etc.)

100% Clarity Guarantee

All our devices come with a 100% clarity guarantee. If you’re not happy with your devices, simply let us know and we will refund your payment. Your happiness and satisfaction are our main priorities! When you choose Coastal Hearing Aid Center for your hearing care, we guarantee you will be able to hear better!

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As one of the premier audiology practices in Encinitas, CA, our hearing specialist and team at Coastal Hearing Aid Center also provide 5-star hearing care to patients from Carlsbad & Rancho Santa Fe, CA & the surrounding areas.

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"Coastal Hearing is clearly ‘the’ place to go for anyone who is the least bit concerned about hearing better or even concerned they might need assistance to hear better. I have been a client at Coastal for years (since they opened, in fact) and find the entire team friendly, extremely caring, and most importantly very informed and professional. You simply cannot go wrong. It will likely be one of the most relaxing and pleasant office visits you’ll ever have and could prove to be one of the more important, as well."

- Raymond Bartus

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